On October 2nd, Sonja Lončar and Andrija Pavlović, members of a piano duo LP Duo(www.lpduo.com) delivered a talk “Hybrid Piano Duo: LP Duo as Embodiment of Duality

As members of the LP Duo, for the past 15 years, they have experimented with various possibilities of playing on two pianos. Their artistic curiosity and the desire to gain new knowledge and freedom led to the involvement with the Quantum Music project and the creation of a new instrument – the hybrid piano.

In their talk, Sonja and Andrija elaborated on their experience with using the new hybrid pianos within the Quantum Music project (http://www.quantummusic.org), but also discussed their ensemble as an artistic embodiment of duality, entanglement, and other quantum phenomena. Hybrid piano is a combination of a traditional piano and digital synthesizer with analog controls that allows different processing of acoustic and digital signals in real time and enables the pianists to continue to use concert pianos whilst equipping them with new colors and new, hitherto unexplored expressive possibilities.

LP Duo was introduced by Dr Aleksandar Brkic, Lecturer at the Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship (ICCE), who participated in the “Quantum Music” project, as a researcher and a creative producer.

The day after the talk at Goldsmiths, LP Duo performed at St John’s Waterloo church (https://www.stjohnswaterloo.org/event/4513490). The concert was organized by Around the Globe Music and Arts (http://agpianomusicfestival.co.uk/) with the support of ICCE.

You can find out more about LP Duo on: