A very special day in Florence for the final concert of the Montecatini International Piano competition with 7 very fine pianists playing to an International jury including Sofya Gulyak and many other illustrious colleagues from the world of music.

Aisa Ijiri ,Director and Founder of the Montecatini International Piano Competition with Sofya Gulyak 

All assembled around the indomitable Aisa Ijiri.But the real star of the occasion was the wonderful 200th piano of Angelo Fabbrini.
Maestro Fabbrini has long been the indispensable friend to most of the greatest pianists of our time.This piano was specially made to celebrate a very special marriage between Steinway and Fabbrini.Signed by many of the pianists that have been fathifully served by a technician who is above all a magician.
And so it was with the very first pianist of the day Alessio Ciprietti that the sumptuous sounds of this instrument wrapped themselves so warmly around us like the sumptuous decor of what is the oldest theatre in Florence.Built in 1648 and has reopened in 2016 after a 20 year restoration project to bring it back to its original splendour.
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