The Tokyo International Piano Association are delighted to introduce a new 2021 Composer Award, which shines a light of the creative talent of music creators, raising their professional profile and celebrating their artistry. The TIPA Composer Awards is intended for composers and musicians based around the world who have found inspiration amidst the year 2020 of Pandemic. Amongst several prizes for the selected 6 winners, will be the wonderful opportunity to record their prize-winning works for an exciting ‘Lockdown Album’, which will be performed by our faculty artists and produced by executive music director & the former Vice President of SONY music entertainment, Chris Craker. The Lockdown Album will be professionally released on Karma Sound Studios as well as on Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music. The Prize Winners will also receive a world premiere performance at the TIPA Music Festivals and the Montecatini Piano Festival.

Stay tuned for a further information!